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Charles Trent

Ask Charles

Ask Charles 8-30-2022

Charles Trent

Charles Trent

Q- Kendra S asked, “What is the best way for someone to buy a horse?”

A– Kendra, I assume this will be your first racehorse. First, do your homework on what it takes to own a racehorse. If you are going to buy it with a group or by yourself is the first question. Are you going to buy a baby, yearling or a horse that’s running already.

My advice, if it’s your first time, is to join a group to purchase it so you can split the bills like training, vet, transportation and so on. I believe that’s one of the best ways to own. Plus. I would buy a baby or a yearling. In some cases, this keeps the purchase price down a little. The next best way would be for the group to claim a horse from a race. If you have any more questions, please send me an email to

Q– Adam P asked, “Why do I see some trainers bring a horse back after 12 days or less? And is this bad for the horse?”

A– Adam it’s not that unusual to run a horse back after 10 to 14 days after a race. But it’s rare nowadays to run before 10 days. Most trainers know their horses and they know if they used too much energy in their last race. If not, they will bring them back early. I have done this twice with success because both got into trouble in their races, so I brought them back in 12 days. If your horse in top condition, then no harm should come to them.

About Charles Trent

Charles Trent started going to the races when he was 10 years old and bought his first racehorse when he was 18 years old. He’s been involved in the sport of Kings since. Charles understands both the gambling and training part of the sport.

He has owned horses on and off since 1985, trained horses from 1999 to 2008 and every horse that he purchased as a trainer got to the winner circle. Charles worked with top trainers and jockeys as an owner along with many great grooms, jockeys, jockey agents and even racing office personal as a trainer. Now, Charles is a Bloodstock Agent helping people start their journey in this Great Sport.

Charles will take your questions taking questions about horseracing from buying horses for racing to pinhooking, breeding, the ins and outs of the backside from a trainer’s point of view and even about gambling.

Send Charles Trent, Bloodstock Agent and Racing Manager of Big Casino Racing, your questions to

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