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Running a state-of-the-art racehorse farm is no walk in the park, it requires skill, dedication and a lot of hard work. Rival Stars captures the real-life struggle of an up-and-coming horse farm without the years of dedication it would require in real life. This means we get to live the racing horse lifestyle without dedicating our life to horse racing.

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Racing horses is like racing in any
other sport or event. The more time, money or effort you spend on your horse
the better it becomes. The same can be said with racing cars or marathons if
you work hard at it and constantly train you should improve.

Improving may not be enough for some of you glory
hunters, you may want to go down in history like your grandfather in the story.
Fear not, there are many opportunities coming your way to make a name for
yourself. Just know that you will have to start from the bottom and work
your way up.

Don’t expect to saddle up in the world of horse
racing and make an immediate impact. Yes, you may win some rookie races in your
first attempts but that doesn’t mean a lot. If you want to make it big, you
need to be as consistent as possible to make it to the big leagues.

Tips Cheats and Strategies

  • Play to your horse’s strengths. An important part of horse racing is playing to your horse’s strengths. If your horse is better out front, get ahead of the pack. If your horse likes to be in the middle of the pack to charge their sprint, make sure you are in the middle for as long as possible.
  • Upgrade and Breed. One part of horse racing involves upgrading and training your horses. This is a common tactic used in other sports like motor racing. One thing you can’t do in motor racing is breeding, thank god. If you have a horse that is insanely quick, you can breed this horse with one that has great stamina. Their offspring should be the best of both worlds and would require less training to outperform your current horse.
  • Sprint at the end. This does not sound like a useful tip, but it can make or break a race. When you get onto the final straight you want to time your sprint as perfectly as possible. You can play it safe and wait for the game to tell you that the final sprint is on, or you can do it yourself. Doing it yourself is risky, if you go too early you will be out of stamina for the last few meters.
  • Note the race distance. Depending on how long a race is will affect your approach to the race. For example, if your horse is strong in the middle of the pack in a 1,400-meter race, then stay in the pack for 1,200 meters. Only break from the pack near the end where you regenerate stamina quickly in the final 200m.

The hardest part of this game is perfecting the
actual race. Keep practicing and upgrading and don’t be afraid to jump
back to a freshly bred horse. This is sure to boost your confidence as you
will be against rookies.

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